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Shops and pages

I'm really experienced in creating webshops. I don't use any READY solutions like PrestaShop. Everything is written by me. Business webcard? No problem!

Responsive Design

Every page, every interface, every product is RWD built-in..

Mobile Apps

Android App? iOs App? Please ask for solution. There is no limit in that.


Who am I. What am I. What can I do for you?

  • 2009

    My first page...

    What I do for a living is quite complicated, but main thing is creating and developing new web apps. Afterwards, gym is my second love who I'd like to spend much time with. My motto is: train hard or go home.

  • March 2011

    CEO of Priceel

    With my dear friend, we've created new brand called Priceel (priceel.com) and together we're doing what we ought to do. Developing, creating, having fun with that.

  • July 2014

    What Can I do for you.

    Well, there is no quite limit in that. I'm experienced man, who can offer you new technologies, new mobile app, new RWD pages, shops etc.Write and ask dawid.winiarz@gmail.com

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Please contact me at any moment dawid.winiarz@gmail.com.